Exclusive Rap Beats
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Exclusive Rap Beats
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Exclusive Rap Beats

Do you need exclusive rights?

Exclusive Beats can make you money. You can't make money with your song if there are any limitations. Buying exclusive beats with rights to the instrumental will remove the limitations and open the doors to your profitability

When you purchase a track from this site, you are getting the rights to the music so you can profit from it. Make a hit song, sell it on iTunes, or put a music video up on YouTube. Make money on the ads, or sell 1000's of downloads. It's up to you how far you can take your musical talent.


  • Matters
  • Ballad RnB type beat
  • Play 
  • R&B  100 BPM
  • $489.00  
  • Only The Rich
  • Those Vibes
  • Play 
  • Urban  186 BPM
  • $419.00  
  • They Know Now
  • Travis Scott.Migos Vibes
  • Play 
  • Rap-Beats  115 BPM
  • $419.00  
  • Prey or Pray
  • No nosense, just bars
  • Play 
  • Rap-Beats  140 BPM
  • $419.00  

When buying instrumental beats online, you want to be sure you're getting the actual music license. We have over 15 Years experience producing, mixing and selling exclusive rap beats online

Ever wonder why some songwriters get life-changing, rags-to-riches record deals while others with incredible talent and style seem to have difficulty? The crucial difference may be that one songwriter knows how to sell himself, while the other doesn't. Even the most visionary musicians may go unnoticed if they're not able to "get their music out there". Adding to songwriters' difficulties is the fact that today’s songwriting environment is a highly creative, competitive, and over-saturated one. Not only must songwriters get noticed - they must also differentiate themselves from countless other up-and-comers within their field and from existing mainstream acts. They also need exclusive instrumental music. The right beat behind an artist can make all the difference and create a breakout hit. Whether you need exclusive trap beats or an exclusive hip hop beat, or maybe a pop beat, most labels will only want you to have exclusive beats that are not widespread and sold to many other artists. We have exclusive rap beats and instrumentals in every genre. So consider buying exclusive beats and start learning how to clear these hurdles and start selling great songs.
  • LUCY
  • Lost Files of Kendrick
  • Play 
  • Urban  113 BPM
  • $429.00  
  • Introduction to Fall
  • Play 
  • Urban  116 BPM
  • $429.00  
  • Images
  • PartyNextDoor vibes
  • Play 
  • Urban  117 BPM
  • $429.00  
  • I Used To
  • Sounds like a Winner
  • Play 
  • Urban  107 BPM
  • $429.00  
  • Grudges
  • Sounds like Miami Nights
  • Play 
  • Urban  156 BPM
  • $429.00  
  • Fireproof
  • Babies Will Be Made
  • Play 
  • Urban  120 BPM
  • $429.00  
  • Anyone Else
  • Hot 100
  • Play 
  • Urban  130 BPM
  • $429.00  
  • The Night Of
  • Aggressive 101
  • Play 
  • Rap-Beats  108 BPM
  • $429.00  

From the producers at 20DollarBeats, we offer the largest selection of Exclusive Beats for sale.. Browse our exclusive tracks that are ready for purchase. We dont offer exclusive beats for free, however we do offer discounts on multiple beat sales. If you order more than one, you can save up to 30%. Email us for details. If you're looking for non exclusive beats and want to test it out first, click here for rap beats from 20DollarBeats.com

Exclusive Rap Beats
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The rap beats for sale on this site are also available for exclusive Buyout rights. Please contact us for Full Instrumentals Buyout. At this time we ship out the stems w/ USPS delivery and signature confirmation.

How it Works

The price for exclusive beats is normally much higher than any non-exclusive license for music instrumentals.

The value of owning exclusive rights to beats is a premise and provides justification for the price being much higher. The music is taken off the market and nobody else can use the track without prior consent from the new rights holder upon executing the transfer of rights for the music.

After you purchase the instrumental music of your choice, you'll get a link with the wav, mp3 and contract to sign and return.

  1. You get signed contracts
  2. The Exclusive Rap Beats are removed from all sites
  3. You get un-compressed wav files (stems).
  4. Stem Tracks for re-mixing and/or getting mastered professionally.
  5. All beats are shipped on disk or USB drives. There's a $9.95 s&h fee as well.

Buy Exclusive Rap Beats and Instrumentals from the Producers of 20DollarBeats.com

Exclusive Beats Meaning:

Get writers share to these beats and instrumentals and profit from the songs. Get listed with ASCAP and BMI. Use our exclusve beats & instrumentals to gain the notoriety of seasoned professionals in the Music Business.


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